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Clinical & Organizational Psychologist

I'm Irina, a Clinical & Organizational psychologist with a passion for technology and an aim to improve my clients' life & relationships.

Two paths that had a paralel journey define my professional life: an organizational path in Human Resources in the corporate & consulting world for more than 15 years and a psychotherapist / couple therapist path for more than 10 years.

    • I have worked in corporate Human Resources (HR) for 15 years and coordinated large projects and international teams in a hybrid environment.

  • I have experienced all HR areas, from inside and outside the company, and I have added my technical side to the mix working with HR software implementations and leading the Change Management in projects designing the transformation towards a Digital Workplace.

    • I now help companies get insights about human behaviour and team dynamics to prevent or solve their conflicts and design their strategy. Psychological safety, designing and supporting a constructive organizational culture are common themes in need of improvement.

  • I also have put into practice my passion for technology which, combined with my HR experience, helped me build a SaaS platform to support the need for Communication inside the companies. The next step was to take it to the next level with a Gamification module which sparked the engagement such a platform needed to be a success.

    • All this experience allows me now to coach Product Managers in helping them getting unstuck and reach their goals together with their team.

    • As a certified Clinical Psychologist, Career and NeuroMindfulness Coach, I help individuals improve their mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life.

  • There are many challenges that we, people, face nowadays and I am a well-rounded professional ready to be there for you when you feel the need to get to the next phase of your life.

  • Individual or couple's therapy can be of enormous help to integrate life learning. There is no need for you to reach the "point of no return" in the urgency sense. Feeling restless for a period of time it's enough to make you want to click the button below.

I am here for you,



  • Clinical Psychologist, member of the Romanian College of Psychologists

  • Career Counselor; National Board for Certified Counselors certified, 2011

  • Family & Couples systemic therapy, A.C.T.F. certified, 2007

  • Senior Neuromindfulness Coach; NeuroMindfulness Institute, ICF certified, 2020-2021

  • Learning styles Inventory Consultant (individual (LSI) and group level (GSI); Human Synergistics, 2015

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