Improving yourself

Individual Therapy

Online sessions addressing:

  • Anxiety

  • Burnout

  • Depression

  • Disconnected mind from body

There are many situations that can make you want to work with a psychologist. Whatever that might be, I am ready to support you on this "getting better" journey.

I emphasise a safe environment to work in and assure you of my engagement to help make each session count.

Contact me for a free video Discovery Call to find out how we can work together.

Couples Therapy

Online sessions addressing:

  • Couple's fights

  • Lack or miss-communication

  • Love affair challenge

  • Important decisions about the relationship

Whatever the challenge, I am an impartial guide and mediator. The couple relationship is one of the hardest challenges we face in our life-time. There are many situations where you can benefit from couples therapy to cross a bridge that otherwise might break.

Sexual orientation, race or age are not important.

Career / NeuroMindfulness Coaching

Online sessions addressing:

  • Lack of career direction, a feeling of meaningless work

  • Important career decision

  • Work relationships

Career can be an important aspect of your identity and it can weight heavy in feeling fulfilled with your life.

Weather you want to change your job, career or to improve work relationships with your manager or colleagues, this is the time to act.

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Anatomy of a Relationship is a podcast about couple relationships. The first season we talk about couple's fight - why we fight and how to learn to do it better since there is a relationship fact we live with.

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